The Beautiful Tech People

People, Their Love and Drama


Hello people, I was in the mood of picking up some old favorites from the past 10 years or so.

This mix features some of those favorites, from classic house to tech house, progressive house, tribal house, and more.


Sabastien Leger: The People
Sebastien Leger: Polymod
Filthy Rich: Luvstruck
Antoine Clamaran: Relax
D-Unity: Tribalism Continue
Funkerman: Speed Up
Amy Winehouse: Valerie (Andy Cato mix)
Ida Corr: Let Me Think About It
Channing: Peanuts Enhancer
X-Files of House: Lady Marmalade
Victor Calderone: Deep Dark Jungle
Inaya Day: Nasty Girl
RuPaul: Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous
Kristine W: The Boss
Selda: 100% Pure Love
Kristine W: Some Lovin

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